9mm to .45ACP universal pistol mag loader.

1911AI™ – Aligner Insert
1911AI™ – Aligner Insert

An aligning insert add-on for the UpLULA and 22UpLULA™ loaders. It assist loading single-stack magazines by eliminating wiggling of the mag inside the loader. It connects to and is used with an existing loader, it’s not a new loader. Sold separately from the loader.

Best for:

  • 1911 .45ACP mags (Using the UpLULA™)
  • 9mm single-stack mags (Using the UpLULA™)
  • Converted .22LR 1911 mags (Using the 22UpLULA™)
  • The 1911AI™ is useful with mags width less than 14.5mm (0.57″). Wider mags will not fit in.



p/n UP65G  (2-pack)

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UpLULA™ – 9mm to 45ACP
UpLULA™ – 9mm to 45ACP

The UpLULA™ is a military-grade, pocket-size, universal pistol magazine loader and unloader designed to load and unload virtually all*  9mm Luger up to .45ACP single and double stack magazines of all manufacturers. It also loads most .380ACP single and double-stack mags, and 1911’s mags. The UpLULA™ loader self-adjusts to the magazine and loads it easily, painlessly, and reliably !


Over 14,000 x 5-star users’ reviews online ! (July 2017)

Counterfeit warning ! – see below


p/n UP60B (Black)

p/n UP60P (Pink)

p/n UP60DG (Dark Green)

p/n UP60BO (Orange Brown)

p/n UP60L (Lemon)

p/n UP60PR (Purple)


UpLULA is a trademark of maglula Ltd.
U.S. patents 7,637,048 & 7,503,138; Canada patent 2,604,965; Israel patent 186,088

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