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maglula Ltd.
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48103 Israel

Tel: 972-8-6488001 (Israel)
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About us


maglula Ltd. name stands for magazine loaders and unloaders accessories. Incorporated in 2003, maglula is a small privately held Israeli company dedicated to the development of high quality loading and unloading tools for civil, LE, and military use.

Our first product, AR15 LULA® loader & unloader, was developed after-hours at home in 2000 by Ran and Guy Tal (father & son), while Guy was a full-time employee at Motorola Israel. A day following sales of 400 loaders at a weekend gun-show in the US Guy had resigned from his twelve years work at Motorola (having three young kids and a mortgage) betting on future success developing more magazine loaders, full-time.

All our products were invented, developed and brought to production by Ran and Guy, and are manufactured only in Israel. Ran, our chief inventor, invents and builds working prototypes by hand using combination of metals, plastics and wood. Guy then makes precise 3D CAD models of the prototype while fine-tuning the design and construction with Ran. CAD files then transferred to a mold-maker in Israel to design and build mold(s) for plastic injection manufacturing.

First-manufactured products are thoroughly inspected and tested prior to continuation of manufacturing. Quality Control (QC) is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. All UpLULAs, BabyUpLULAs, 10/22 LULA® loaders, PMR-30 LULA® loaders, and all BenchLoaders are individually inspected prior to packing and shipping. All other products undergo random inspections prior to packing and shipping.

We currently provide several product families:

  • LULA® rifle magazine loader & unloader – a personal single-round loader and unloader.
  • UpLULA® pistol magazine loader – a personal pistol magazine loader.
  • StripLULA® 10-round stripper clip and loose rounds loader and unloader.
  • BenchLoader® 30-round heavy duty single stroke magazine loader.
  • X10-LULA® magazine loader – a non-locking loader & unloader for mags with a side button.
  • V10-LULA® magazine loader – a locking loader for mags with a side button.
About our chief inventor Ran TAL

Accessory of the year - 2011

2011 Accessory Of The Year Award.


2012 Bushnell’s Preferred Supplier

2018 NRA’s American Rifleman Golden Bullseye “Accessory of the Year” Award.