Counter-top display tray for holding 12 x UpLULA® loaders

For dealers only – launch-pad counter-top display trays for making UpLULA loaders fly faster than ever.


p/n PDQ12UP


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Introducing our launch pads for making UpLULA® loaders fly off faster than ever. Rocket science for earthlings 🙂



  • Holds 12 blistered UpLULA® loaders (any mix of colors will do)
  • Comes compact in a carton box with single part to be assembled in seconds
  • Easy to replenish with new loaders
  • Includes QR barcodes in front leading to:
    • Product web page at (no buying option or price displayed)
    • Demonstration video
  • Order additional PDQ’s from your distributor (p/n PDQ12UP)
  • Made of foamed PVC, not cardboard
  • Made in Israel
  • (UpLULA loaders are not supplied with PDQ)


Note: Just make sure you have enough UpLULA loaders in stock !


PDQ are not under maglula’s warranty.