Ran Tal at his best.

Ran in his Golani Brigade military uniform.

Ran’s back-yard invention shed where nearly all maglula’s products were invented. Sep. 17, 2019 photo.

Ran Tal  Sep. 7, 1936 – Sep. 17, 2019.

Born in Israel in 1936 to parents Lea & David (Rosenthal) who luckily moved to Palestine before WWII. Their entire families were executed at the Holocaust.

Ran is Guy’s father and maglula’s in-house chief inventor and designer of most assembly line tooling.

Ran is an autodidact, jack-of-all-trades, type of a person with wide range of interests, like philosophy, art, science, technology, health matters, and poem writing.

Ran is also interested in many practical occupations where he likes to enter such subjects without prior knowledge, then, not knowing what is impossible in that area, he usually invent something new.

Here are few of Ran’s past occupations, and the list is still open 🙂

–        1952-1965: Agriculture, cotton & corn growing in a Kibutz Ramat-David, Israel.

–        1965-1967: In Africa, teaching modern agriculture to rural communities.

–        1969-1976: Inventing a method of pond fish reproduction in a Lab at Kibutz Ma’agan Michael, Israel.

–        1980: Establishing a (above) fish reproduction Lab. In Venezuela.

–        1976-1978 in Rockford Illinois as guest of the Jewish community.

–        1978: Developing a new technique of producing decorative rugs in the US.

–        1987-1990: Establishing a Custom-Made Rugs factory in Sydney Australia.

–        1990-2001: Developing tools and accessories for the handicap.

–        Since 2001 With son Guy, inventing maglula’s loaders.

Ran considers his main advantage over others lies in the series of stages he developed with which he tackles technical problems; or in practice, what steps to take to manipulate his own brain to produce the ideal solution.

Ran believes that now with his vast experience and over 16000 x 5 stars testimonials on line, it’s time to choose a more serious career than inventing loaders before he gets old 🙂

May he rest in peace.