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Showing heavily used loaders.

SureFire-StripLULA - MSureFire – Over 100,000 rounds were loaded with each StipLULA shown above between Jan. 2011 and April 2013. “Both of these strip lula’s have loaded more than 100,000 rounds, or 10,000 strippers, each. Very impressive.” Operations Manager, SureFire, Reno, NV, April 2013. (These two SL’s were sent back to us for study and QC) SCCY UpLULASCCY – 1,000,000 and more rounds were loaded with this UpLULA at SCCY Industries (FL). The loader was used each day to load many rounds. (See the note that was included with the loader). “We test fire all pistols before they go out. So at 2,100 rnds a day for the last 2 years is 1,008,000 rounds. What an OUTSTANDING product !!!!!!!!!!!!”. SCCY, B. Wood.March 2014 IDF LULAIDF – Approx. 5,000 x 30-rounds magazines were unloaded with this single LULA in 2003 for magazine maintenance and cleaning. That’s 150,000 rounds! IDF (Israel) 8200 Armory. DPMS BenchLoader 3.2MDPMS Inc. – This picture was taken at DPMS Apr., 2014 showing one of our earlier BenchLoaders. DPMS claiming it is 8 years old and has loaded approx. 3,200,000 rounds !”It is the only loader we have used for all of our test firing during that time” Internal Sales Manager, DPMS Panther Arms.

Smith & Wesson  gun test range. Ed B. claims loading 2,710,000 rds with it and no failures.

Oct.5, 2021

Please send in picture of your well-used loader.

Pictured Testimonials –

Below are pictures of individuals who cared to send us their picture with one of our loaders.

Latest received (Oct. 5, 2021), below :

I worked at Smith and Wesson as a ammo loader for 6 years. To be short went through a LOT of ammo for the gun test range. I kept this hand loader and used it every day for 3 years. I loaded at least 1,000 mags a day with 5 rounds in each mag. I figure I loaded 2,710,000 rds with it and no failures. All I did was blow air through it and oil the springs now and then. Thank you for such a great product. Ed B.”

  If you are a heavy user of one or more of our products and would like to have your picture posted here, please do the following: Instructions: 1. Email us guy@maglula.com a clear and good quality digital picture(s) of yourself, including face, holding one of our loaders in one hand and a clearly written note in the same or other hand with an estimate of how many rounds you have loaded with this loader to date or the maximum you have loaded in a single day. 2. Adult shooters only please. 3. We ask that you to electronically sign the following prior or soon after posting your picture online (Please copy this text and paste it in your email to us with your name following it):

I accept maglula’s offer as posted online and I enclose my picture with a maglula loader. I authorize maglula to post my enclosed picture and testimonial, if any, on maglula’s web site and receive no compensation for doing so.

4. If we choose, at our discretion, to post one of your pictures on this web site, then we will send you an email of confirmation and say Thanks!              

I wanted to thank you for an excellent product. I own 3 LULAs and have given them as gifts to over a dozen people. Everyone who uses it loves it! PLEASE finish development on the Uzi version!”
E. Jones, President
Strategic Consulting International

Great product! Loads my Glock 19 double stack (even the last round) and my Hi-Point single stack magazines with ease. No more sore thumbs, just drop the next round in place.

Steve P - St. Louis, MO

The UpLULA is a very neat device! I have tried it on every pistol mag I have and there isn’t a one that it doesn’t work with…well, haven’t tried .22s yet, but it works with every 9mm, .40 SW and .45 ACP I have. Good JOB! It will be one of my “top ten” from SHOT and you’ll see it in all my pistol articles.”

Charlie Cutshaw

I got the loader today and tried it out,it is rare these days to get something that works just as the video shows and advertised. Works great. Thanks


We use a couple of these at work to load our mags for the tons of weapon shock testing we do (500,000+ rounds a year) and these are amazing! Work perfectly, SO quick to load a mag- these are a must-have for anyone that puts a lot of lead down range with an AR. Obviously they are a bit pricey for your average plinker, but take my word for it- they are worth it! Loading 30 rounds is amazingly quick & simple using this loader.

Brian, - Southern NH

This product has been used in the middle east by US Forces as well as in the US. The loaders have been put through rigorous (90 times per day) use with no failures. They have cut the magazine loading time down to less than a minute from just over 7 minutes for combat mix of ball/tracer. It is extremely rugged and has put up with some harsh treatment and environments. I am now purchasing the 7th unit so I am completely sold on them. Absolutely worth the money.

AF Tactical Weapons Instructor - United States