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22UpLULA® – .22LR double-stack magazine loader

The 22UpLULA® pistol mag. loader & unloader is made for loading .22LR widebody
pistol mags. > 1/2″, like .22LR 1911 mags and other .22LR converted mags. It
has the body width of our UpLULA® and has a narrower metal beak designed for
.22LR rounds.

(It will not load .380 to .45 cal. mags. !)

p/n: UP62B


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    Durable reinforced polymer
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    Eliminates thumb pain & injury
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    Eliminates wear on feed lips
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    Lightweight & fit in pocket
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    Prolongs magazine life
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    Reliable in all weather
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    Simple to use
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    Super-fast unloading

Meet Our 22UpLULA®

The 22UpLULA® pistol mag. loader & unloader is great for those .22LR wide-body pistol magazines. It works much like its bigger and more famous brother – the UpLULA® loader & unloader.




Use our 1911AI® Aligner Insert with the 22UpLULA® loader

Use our 1911AI® Aligner Insert (Sold separably) with the 22UpLULA® loader to assist loading  single-stack mags of up to 14.5mm (0.57″) wide.


The 1911AI® narrows the width of the 22UpLULA® loader inner cavity to allow less mag wiggling, thus enabling better stabilization during the loading of single-stack mags.


The 1911AI® Aligner Insert increase comfort loading the following magazines:

  • 1911 – Advantage Arms SS 10rd
  • GSG-1911 10rd (Made in Germany) SS
  • GSG -Colt Conversion kit mag 1911 Govt 10rd steel SS
  • Kimber –  SS
  • NightHawk Custom .22 Conv mag SS
  • SIG – 220  SS
  • SIG P938-22
  • Tactical Solutions 2211
  • Wilson Combat polymer 422M-P 10rd SS

For more information, Click Here.


The 22UpLULA® does NOT load the following magazines:

  • .380 to .45 cal. mags! – See our BabyUpLULA® or UpLULA® loaders.
  • .22LR Tactical Solution 1911 SS 10rd – Aluminum mag.
  • .22LR Glock 44 .22LR
  • .22LR Tactical Solution 10rd – Aluminum mag.
  • Kel-Tec P17


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Intellectual Property:

22UpLULA is a registered trademark of maglula US #5269613

U.S. patents 7,637,048 & 7,503,138; Canada patent 2,604,965; Israel patent 186,088


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