Pistol Mag Loaders

PMR-30® LULA® loader and unloader .22WMR

For loading and unloading KelTec’s PMR-30® .22WMR magazines

p/n: LU34B

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    Durable reinforced polymer
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    Eliminates thumb pain & injury
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    Eliminates wear on feed lips
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    Lightweight & fit in pocket
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    Prolongs magazine life
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    Reliable in all weather
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    Simple to use

Meet our innovative loader for PMR-30 mags

This is an absolutely indispensable item for your PMR/CMR30 30-round magazines by KelTec. Makes loading those 30 rounds effortless fun.


Due to a thin wall of .22WMR round case, minor deformation to the case may form by the rim pressure of a new loaded round (against the magazine’s spring force). This may happen during hand-loading and by using magazine loaders. Try using rounds of higher wall thickness and avoid using rounds where dents are substantial. Contact the ammo manufacturer for safety instructions.

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U.S. patent #11,029,108

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1 review for PMR-30® LULA® loader and unloader .22WMR

  1. What a great product ! I have a Keltec PMR30 and CMR30 if you have ever loaded their magazine you would know how hard it is to do properly. I use to shoot them very little do to the mags. being so hard to load and the hurt they put on your thumb . This loader makes it so easy and fast to load I now shooting them all the time . This gives you a new problem of going through bunches of ammo. Buy one you won’t regret it I am sure of that . BARRY

    Barry Cranmer

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