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Ruger 10/22® .22LR LULA® loader & unloader set

For Ruger 10/22® factory magazines and S&W T/CR22™ mags

p/n: LU30B  (Blister package includes a loader and an unloader).

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    Durable reinforced polymer
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    Eliminates thumb pain & injury
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    Eliminates wear on feed lips
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    Lightweight & fit in pocket
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    Prolongs magazine life
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    Reliable in all weather
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    Simple to use
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    Super-fast unloading

Meet Our 10/22 LULA® Loader:

For over 50 years, no one has invented a jam-free, pocket-size loader for Ruger’s factory 10/22® .22LR mags.

Following three years of refinement, here we introduce a perfect little loader – which actually works flawlessly !


The loader fits:

  • Ruger’s factory mags: BX-1, 5, 10 rotary, and BX-15 and BX-25.
  • TandemKross Translucent Double Kross Magazine Body.
  • S&W T/CR22 10rd mag. (tighter fit)

More compact, durable, smoothly-operated loader compared with any other 10/22 loader on the market

  • Never jams!
  •  Will not dent delicate .22LR cases.
  •  Will not loose the bullet from its crimp!
  • Never leave a trace on the tip of the bullet.
  • Painless and quick loading.
  • Pocket-size.


  • Our loader fits only the common right-side magazines (not the new left-side mags).
  • The loader is designed to fit and load genuine Ruger factory 10/22 BX .22LR magazines and T/CR22 mags.
  • One may damage the loader if attempts are made to load non-Ruger/TCR22 mags; this will void your warranty.
  • The loader will fit and load TandemKross Translucent Double Kross Magazine Body.
  • The loader will not fit mags coupled with TriMag™ and DuoMag™.

The Unloader 

The Unloader (also sold separably, p/n LU32B)packed with the loader in a blister, fits and unloads ALL 10/22 – type .22LR magazines of all manufacturers, including:

  • Ruger factory mags.
  • T/CR22
  • Butler Creek
  • Black Dog
  • Eagle
  • ProMag
  • Shooters Ridge
  • Tactical Inc.


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Intellectual Property:

LULA is a registered trademark: U.S. #3001252; EUIPO #1415166; Israel #301202; Russia #1415166; China #23328956

Loader: U.S. Utility patent #10,598,456

Loader: U.S. Design patent D872217

Unloader: U.S. Utility patent #10,539,383

Ruger and 10/22 are registered trademarks of Sturm, Ruger Co., Inc. T/CR22 is a trademark of S&W Inc. maglula is not affiliated with nor does it represent Ruger or S&W in any way.

4 reviews for Ruger 10/22® .22LR LULA® loader & unloader set

  1. I shoot USPSA and use maglula loaders frequently. I currently have the 9mm-45acp loader (several). I keep one in my ammo can, range bag and safe. I also use the .223/5.56 and .308/7.62 loaders as well. The 5.56 loader is is indispensable for unloading 5.56 magazines. You will probably find that having more than one of each caliber you shoot, as I have, is very helpful.

    Cy Ellerd

  2. just received my set. they work and they work well. they are far more compact and more solid than either the champion or caldwell, maglula does not try to feed and that is not a con. the champion and caldwell are bulky, finicky and failure prone. they balk and jam and fail. maglula does what is most important, depresses the follower or top round to alow the user ti easily insert the next round. and with a little more effort, just try a little harder, i am sure they could make their blister packaging even more impenetrable. but that’s a battle that thankfully only needs be fought once.

    mick dernin

  3. I purchased the UPO60US to load my Glock 19 mags. All my mags are new and made it very difficult to get the last two rounds loaded. I’m 60 and my hands are not as calloused as when I was younger. This makes the job SOOOOO much easier! Worth twice as much as I paid! A must for any range bag. I’ve heard some say using an autoloader is for women, ok call me that if you wish. I really don’t care when I can load my mag in 1/2 the time it takes for you! LOL


  4. I bought this through the Ruger website, I wasn’t sure what to expect and am really happy with the purchase. The unloader is more fun than it should be. Seriously just clicky clicky etc and the rounds are out.
    Loading is definitely easier than by hand. I would say faster only because the last rounds can’t fight you so much as the spring pressure is overcome by the loader finger/tooth. The loader holds the spring tension down while you slip the round in. Release and feed the round the rest of the way back then press that round down, slide and repeat. The rotary mag drops out like it would in the rifle, a release disengages the pin and a full mag falls into your hand. This really takes the pain out of loading these small rounds.
    I’ll be buying the 9mm loader as well.


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