Ruger 10/22® .22LR LULA® Loader & UnLoader set

.22LR LULA® magazine loader and unloader set for Ruger 10/22® factory magazines and S&W T/CR22™ mags.

Winner 2019 American Rifleman Golden Bullseye “Accessory of the Year” Award.



p/n LU30B  (blister package includes both a loader and an unloader).

Note: Our loader fits only the common right-side magazines (not the new left-side mags)


LULA is a registered trademark – U.S. #3001252; China #23328956

Loader: U.S. Utility patent #10,598,456

Loader: U.S. Design patent D872217

Unloader: U.S. Utility patent #10,539,383


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For over 50 years, no one has invented a jam-free, pocket-size loader for Ruger’s factory 10/22® .22LR mags.

Following three years of refinement, here we introduce a perfect little loader – which actually work  !

The loader fits:

  • Ruger’s factory mags: BX-1, 5, 10 rotary, and BX-15 and BX-25.
  • TandemKross Translucent Double Kross Magazine Body.
  • S&W T/CR22 10rd mag. (tighter fit)


The loader is more compact, durable, smoothly-operated loader compared with any other 10/22 loader on the market !

– Never jams !
– Will not dent delicate .22LR cases.
– Will not loose the bullet from its crimp !
– Never leaves a trace on the tip of the bullet.
– Painless and quick loading.
– Pocket-size.


The Unloader (also sold separably, p/n LU32B), packed with the loader in a blister, fits and unloads ALL 10/22 – type .22LR magazines of all manufacturers, including:

  • Ruger factory mags.
  • T/CR22
  • Butler Creek
  • Black Dog
  • Eagle
  • ProMag
  • Shooters Ridge
  • Tactical Inc.


New official video clip – 2019:


Animated video clip – 2018:


Additional benefits:

Loader & unloader set (p/n LU30B):

  • Are simple to use
  • Eliminate thumb pain and injury
  • Eliminate wear on feed lips
  • Prolong magazine life
  • Are lightweight and will fit in a pocket
  • Are reliable in all weather conditions
  • Are made of durable reinforced polymer



  • The loader is designed to fit and load genuine Ruger factory 10/22 BX .22LR magazines and T/CR22 mags. One may damage the loader if attempts are made to load non-Ruger/TCR22 mags; this will void your warranty.
  • The loader will fit and load TandemKross Translucent Double Kross Magazine Body.

  • The loader fits only the common right-side magazines (not the new left-side mags). 
  • The loader will not fit mags coupled by TriMag™ and DuoMag™.


Ruger and 10/22 are registered trademarks of Sturm, Ruger Co., Inc. T/CR22 is a trademark of S&W Inc. maglula is not affiliated with nor does it represent Ruger or S&W in any way.


First reviews:

JTsantes, Louisiana, USA. Dec. 10, 2018 “I just received the LU30B loader that I had purchased. I just wanted to say that it is a very simple, elegant design and works great. I was a little concerned prior to ordering it that I had to feed the rounds one at a time, but after using the LU30B the first time, I found it actually faster and more efficient than the other bulk “speed loaders” that either jam, bend the 22LR cases or fail to load the magazines at all. I’ve just thrown them all away. Congratulations on a very cleverly-designed product.


L. Morrow, Dallas, Texas Dec. 13, 2018 “I received my 10/22 loader today. It is worth the several year wait. Maglula did a wonderful development job. Wonderful product. Loaded 11 magazines in a short time. Thank you.”


B. Stockle, USA. Dec. 14, 2018 “Guy, Just wanted you to know, the wait for the 10-22 Uplula was well worth it!  I loaded and unloaded my factory 10 and 25 round mags with no problems what so ever! I am a retired Police Officer (33 years with Berkeley Police, California (USA) and have spent many hours loading magazines over my career.  I now have at least one of all your pistol Uplulas.  What a time saver and quality made product!  I may have to get one for my .223 mags!


D. Braden, USA. Dec. 20, 2018 “Finally got my 10/22 load/unload package – worth the wait – Santa will be going through your part of the world for this one – Cheers and thanks


Johnny B, ‘180 Second Ideas’, USA, Jan. 15, 2019 “10/22 loader is definitely a thumbs up. It works as well as all your other products.”


Winner 2018 American Rifleman Golden Bullseye “Accessory of the Year” Award.

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