Pistol Mag Loaders

X10-LULA® and V10-LULA® loaders .22LR

A set of two different loaders for loading .22LR cal. single-stack narrow mags with a projecting side-button

p/n: XV80B

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    Durable reinforced polymer
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    Eliminates thumb pain & injury
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    Eliminates wear on feed lips
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    Lightweight & fit in pocket
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    Prolongs magazine life
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    Reliable in all weather
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    Simple to use
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    Super-fast unloading

Meet our X10-LULA® and V10-LULA® loaders

A set of two loaders for loading .22LR cal. single-stack narrow mags with a projecting side-button, like:

  • Beretta U22 NEOS
  • Browning BuckMark
  • COLT Woodsman/Cadet
  • High-Standard .22
  • Ruger MK I, II, III, IV, 22/45
  • S&W 22A/22S (only X10-LULA will load well)
  • S&W Victory

V10-LULA® is a locking loader

It’s a spring-loaded loader that locks itself on the magazine’s body holding the projecting side-button at place.

X10-LULA® is a sliding loader

It’s a sliding (non-locking) loader that slides along the magazine’s body over the projecting side-button.

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Intellectual Property:

X10-LULA® and V10-LULA® are trademarks of maglula Ltd.
X10-LULA® U.S. patent D700,266S;  V10-LULA® U.S. patent 9,057,570


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